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The Attraction of Traditional Marriages and Its Challenges

In recent years, the world has witnessed an increasing number of women embracing the so-called “tradwife” lifestyle. Often found taking over pockets of social media with their elegant retro attires and meticulously organized homes, these women seemingly depict a picture-perfect existence built around traditional gender roles within marriage. Enitza Templeton, who lived as a tradwife for ten years, however, reveals that beneath the glossy veneer lies a side not as glamorous.

Templeton’s journey as a tradwife began when she felt pressured to get married at 24, believing that happiness and fulfillment would follow suit. What transpired was a life amidst financial imbalance, emotional turmoil, and overwhelming duties. This is not to say that all traditional marriages, where husbands hold authority in financial matters and wives focus on domestic responsibilities, are prone to unhappiness. As , a counselor and adjunct professor in the department of human services at Elon University, explains, “there are people in traditional marriages that are happy, absolutely happy.”

Facing the Risks of Traditional Marriages

  • Financial abuse – Since husbands usually control the finances, this could lead to misuse or exertion of power over the spouse.
  • Emotional abuse – The wife may lose self-agency and confidence as her partner dominates major decisions.
  • Overwhelmed by duties – A heavy load of domestic responsibilities can get to be too much for one individual.

Recognizing Imbalances and Seeking Help

Templeton eventually realized, after engaging with a therapist, that her relationship was far from balanced. The therapist cautioned, “Anytime something is romanticized you have to question whether it exists in reality.” This realization persuaded Templeton to leave her past behind and start anew at 37, a decision that proved beneficial for her wellbeing.

Life was undoubtedly challenging in the beginning. Nevertheless, with a little help from food stamps and a job at her children’s school, she managed to take back control of her life. Moreover, she discovered that living expenses decreased now that she was responsible solely for herself and her four children. Spending judiciously on necessities and not losing one’s identity through relationships are crucial aspects of maintaining self-reliance and personal growth.

Finding Balance in Traditional Lifestyles – Tips for Success

  • Backup plans – Be prepared for unexpected situations by having ideas on how to generate income if required.
  • Seek support – Reach out for help when feeling overwhelmed or struggling with relationship dynamics.
  • Maintain boundaries – Understand individual limitations and communicate openly with your partner to avoid undue pressure.

For Delarosa, another woman who lives the tradwife lifestyle, every family operates differently. Her husband works, allowing her to focus exclusively on raising their children. However, she emphasizes the importance of striking that delicate balance between fulfilling duties as a homemaker—including asking for help if needed—and ensuring personal identity remains intact.

Accepting Imperfections and Celebrating Individuality

Ultimately, the key to finding happiness within traditional marriages or any other type of partnership lies in embracing imperfections and being authentic to oneself. Social media snippets may easily mislead us into believing that near-mythical perfection is attainable, but the truth remains that genuine happiness stems from accepting our fallibility and appreciating those around us for theirs.

In conclusion, while the tradwife lifestyle might work well for some, it is crucial to enter into such relationships with eyes wide open and a willingness to question existing dynamics. A balanced relationship—one where both partners contribute equally in their own ways and support each other’s identity and aspirations—is a more viable blueprint for personal growth, mental wellbeing, and long-lasting happiness.


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